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The RangePro X8

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The beauty of our control system is its compatibility with your existing payloads across multiple industry standard control and transmission systems, including the Pixhawk and A3 Lightbridge. Don’t throw money away on new equipment you don’t need—our controllers work with you and everything you already own so you can get to work sooner.

Taking new heights
(inter)face on.

Our flight controller seamlessly integrates with various standard control interfaces (e.g., Go App, Mission Planner, and QGroundControl) and allows you to travel further, reliably—setting newer, higher standards for image transmission with lowered latency and improved range capabilities.

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You don’t have time or money to waste. That’s why the RangePro X8 offers the lowest operating costs and requires the fewest battery changes of any competitor drone.

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And that is what 70 minutes of battery life feels like.

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