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Range Pro X8P

The newly developed RangePro X8P is an enterprise unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to fly for more than 70 minutes in real-world conditions with a standard sensor payload and compliant with U.S. government requirements.

RangePro X8P

In control.
At the ready.

What sets the X8P apart? Its flight control, transmission subcomponents, and direct on-board radio are made exclusively in the USA.

Taking new heights
(inter)face on.

Our flight controller seamlessly integrates with various standard control interfaces (e.g., Go App, Mission Planner, and QGroundControl) and allows you to travel farther, reliably and securely—setting newer, higher standards for image transmission, security, and improved data capture capabilities in an American-made UAS.

We Tested Ours
To Theirs

You don’t have time or money to waste. That’s why the RangePro X8P offers the lowest operating costs and requires the fewest battery changes of any competitor drone.

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And that is what 70 minutes of battery life feels like.

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