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Q1: How do you get the RangePro X8 to fly for 70+ minutes?
A1: Over four years of product development—and optimizing every element of design—have resulted in insane flight time and capability.

Q2: What payload options do you offer?
A2: Because our drone is compatible with various equipment setups and software systems, you have multiple payload options.

Q3: Why 8 motors/propellers?
A3: Incredible in-flight stability and redundancy for critical missions. 

Q4: What is max payload weight?
A4: We have documented flights of over 30 minutes with five pounds. That said, we’re optimized for payloads of three pounds or less.

Q5: How long does it take to charge the battery?
A5: Batteries (which power 70+ minutes of flight time) take approximately two hours to charge.

Q6: What flight control apps can I use?
A6: You have a lot of options when it comes to flight control apps, including the Go app, Autopilot, Ground Station Pro, Kittyhawk, Dronesense, etc.

Q7: How far can it fly?
A7: We have documented flights of over 30 miles.

Q8: How fast can it fly?
A8: Over 50mph—and we have documented flights to prove it.

Q9: How much wind can it fly in?
A9: Our drone can withstand flight through 40+ mph winds.

Q10: How much does it cost?
A10: The pricing of the RangePro X8 is contingent on a few different factors. Please reach out to discuss your requirements and we’ll gladly develop a quote for you.

Q11: What’s the lead time?
A11: You can expect your order 30 days after receipt of purchase.

Q12: What happens if something goes wrong or I crash?
A12: We have a customer service organization dedicated to warranty and maintenance, and will have you back in the air ASAP.

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